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Online Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC)


If we wanted to define pay per click, then the most simplistic way we could put it is that it is a form of online advertising that is frequently used on many websites and search engines where advertisers of different products and services only pay if a user successfully clicks on their ads. Basically, these are links embedded with the keyword most descriptive of what the website sells or provides. This solution is extremely cost-effective because you only have to pay for the traffic your website attracts.
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neodymium magnets n52
Pay-per-click advertisings is a sort of auction where advertisers may place bids on keywords that they might think would attract a large number of people given their services or products to sell. There are the so-called PPC management service providers -such as Google Adwords or Microsoft adCenter- which continuously compete with each other in their attempt at finding and selling certain keywords and/or phrases to advertisers. The rates differ between them significantly depending on the relevance and popularity of certain keywords or phrases.


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